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Origins 1

To me, Culture Seven began in 7th grade when I designed and ordered my first T shirt. At the time it was just a symbol of where I wanted to take my artwork and design ambitions. Unfortunately I was often too nervous to wear it in public so it got stashed in the back of my closet until I outgrew it.

I continued to doodle and plot out entire clothing lines in my notebooks from that day forward. My next move was my first attempt at branding and it came sophomore year of high school where I conjured up a "skate centered" brand called Elevated America.. To my surprise I caught quite a bit of criticism for just trying to do something outside the box. Nevertheless, it was quite an experience.

I learned so much about the details of structuring a brand, what people like and what people absolutely hated. I learned about the importance of connections, the importance of team building and how to take criticism and use it to my advantage rather than just getting frustrated. Most importantly I learned that creating would be my life's passion despite the criticism that comes with sharing your innermost visions and emotions with the public. In the end it was an extremely valuable failure. Win or learn and I learned a lot.

It was the criticism of my designs that taught me to go outside my boundaries, to learn new styles and include new tastes. Obviously you can never please everyone but my style has always been to blend several elements into one, to try to communicate and convey an emotion or message to as many people as possible.

I will never know what Elevated America could have developed into but to say the least I'm very happy with how things turned out. I quickly realized I didn't want to narrow myself into just a skateboarding niche, I wanted to use my own genuine style and make something anyone and everyone could enjoy. Thus started the true journey and development of Culture Seven. I knew that it was something that was going to take a lot of time and I also knew that my art skills were going to need work. I took art classes, watched thousands of YouTube videos, filled notebooks and sketchbooks with ideas and drawings. Over the next few years everything was slowly falling into place, all that was missing was the vision, behind the artwork...

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